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About us


Penny Graham and Jonathan Freilich are both qualified psychotherapeutic counsellors and BACP Accredited. We are also fully qualified couples therapists and see couples either together as a couple or individually. We have been in professional practice for more than twenty years and maintain a private practice in Hythe, very close to the town centre where there is free on-street parking.


Penny and Jonathan work in what is called an integrative approach that combines several ideas:

  • everyone is in a state of change and development
  • most people live their lives in a framework of relationships
  • everyone has a past and what we do in the present has been shaped by what has occured previously
  • the success of any therapeutic work is dependent on a safe, confidential and respectful setting

These ideas shape what we do, how we do it, and inform us about the difficulties that clients bring.

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BACP Registered