About Penny & Jonathan

We are a long-established practice established since the mid-90s, and have been together as a couple for 27 years.  Like most couples we have had our moments, and we like to think that we have learned from our crises and that our relationship has become stronger as a result.

  When things have got rough we too have sought help and have been clients ourselves.  So we know what it is like to sit in the ‘hot seats’!

Couples often present when in crisis and from our long experience we frequently see by the end of the first session that they have reconnected in a loving manner that got lost.

We love the work we do and we are totally committed to our clients.
  We are also delighted when clients begin to visibly blossom in themselves and their relationships.

Our theoretical approach

We work in what is called an ‘Integrative’ approach that combines several core threads:
• as human beings we are in a state of change and development
• we are wired for connection and function best in a framework of relationship
• we all have a history which can influence our behaviour in the present